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5 Best Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains for You

February 20, 2023

5 Best Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains For You

Adding a solar-powered bird bath fountain is a great way to add a calming water feature to your yard without breaking the bank! Solar power works perfectly for a birdbath as the power requirements are usually much lower than a large fountain. If you want to use solar power for a large water feature check out this article on the best solar bird bath fountains!

What To Consider When Buying a Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain

There are a lot of options to choose from, so it's important to consider a few important details. You should look at how much sun the location of your new bird bath gets. Some solar-powered fountains only work in direct sunlight. Others have a battery backup or can absorb power even on cloudy days. If you want a large bird bath fountain, you'll want to get one that can get enough sunlight on a regular basis.

You should also look at what materials are used in the fountain. Some materials don't hold up to freezing temperatures. Materials such as cast stone need to be covered up for the winter. You also need to be aware of what cleaning products can be safely used on your new birdbath, and find ones that will not poison the birds.

Lastly, you should look at how the bath is attached to the foundation. If you have small children or large dogs, they can sometimes tip over the basin. Most bird baths are not one piece and can be a potential safety hazard.

The 5 Best Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains

This is an impressive-looking fountain that unlike many small bird baths can easily be a focal point of your entire garden. It uses a solar panel that can be placed up to 16 feet away! So you can find the perfect spot to get the most sun. It also includes a battery backup for cloudy days, which lasts up to 4 hours. It's made of resin and fiberglass which means it can tolerate colder temperatures but you should still cover it to protect against freezing temperatures. You can have peace of mind with Sunnydaze 1 year warranty.

This bird bath has a similar style to the Sunnydaze one but in a smaller size. It has a beautiful stone look and little details like a turtle on the edge. It has a battery that can be fully charged after one or two sunny days. The battery can power the fountain for up to 6 hours. The solar panel is underwater so you will need to make sure to place in it a sunny location. It is made out of resin and fiberglass material that needs to be stored inside a shed during freezing temperatures. Due to its smaller size this is fairly simply accomplished with a hand truck.

This beautiful bird bath provides a more modern style with a beautiful glass bowl. Sunlight helps not only to power the fountain but illuminate the beautiful colors. Its design makes it quite lightweight and easy to move and set up. But it does pose a risk of being tipped over by children or dogs. It requires direct sunlight to power the underwater solar panel. And you need to store it inside for the winter.

This two tier bird bath makes a great addition to any garden. It's quite sturdy and it will operate as long as it's receiving direct sunlight. You can easily clean by draining and wiping down. It does need to be moved inside during freezing temperatures.

If you can't find a solar bird bath that has your style. You can simply buy a solar-powered floating pump to instantly create a fountain! The best choice when it comes to a solar-powered floating fountain is the Viajero 2021 4W Solar Fountain. This fountain works on sunny and cloudy days due to a battery backup. The laminate solar panels provide protection against damage and make them last longer. It also will automatically shut off when there is no water to prevent burning out. For freezing temperature simply remove from the bird bath.

If you're attracting birds to your yard you want to make sure you protect them. We were experiencing lots of bird injuries and bird casualties from birds flying into our windows and clear basketball hoop stand. Our local wildlife center recommended we use Window Alert UV Liquid. Since we've started using the Window Alert UV liquid we haven't had any more problems with birds flying into clear windows. It works and is a true life saver.

If you have any questions about finding the perfect fountain, simply reach out to us at You can easily turn your garden into the relaxing oasis you deserve!

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Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains

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