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How To Winterize A Fountain

How To Winterize A Fountain

How To Winterize A Fountain

Fountains are truly a work of art. It embodies sophistication and is a symbol of lavishness and grandeur. These are structures that are considered as the focal point of the laws, gardens, entrances, or patios. Hence, these must always be taken care of. Fountains thrive and beautify homes, places, resorts, and buildings all around the world with different mechanisms, designs, and technicalities. Moreover, fountains that are in the temperate zones need specific maintenance to be functional and effective during the winter.

Protect your concrete fountain against the weather so your fountain doesn’t break or crack by properly wintering your fountain.

Why Do You Need To Winterize Your Concrete Water Fountain?

Fountains look more dreamy during the winter. However, in the winter, the water in it will freeze when the temperatures drop below freezing point. Thus, you should not leave it open or uncovered. The running water that was frozen will jump out of the fountain stream and define small cracks along the walls of the structure. The effect of the water freezing is that it cracks the structures that may harm the mechanisms and equipment underneath. It can damage the structure which can be visible throughout the entire time after the winter season.

To winterize an outdoor fountain means that you cover it with an appropriate material to provide protection and avoidance of the harmful effects of the freezing weather. Concrete is a slightly porous material. hence, you should take note of the possibility. Aside from the fact that water will freeze if it is not drained out during the winter, there is another case that may happen. If you leave your fountain uncovered during the winter season, the fountain bowl will accumulate snow. By the time that the snow will melt, will thaw on the walls and causes damage to your concrete water fountain permanently.

How to Winterize your Concrete Outdoor Fountain?

Fortunately, there are professional ways to treat your fountain to make it stand against the effects of the winter. There are ways and procedures to winterize your fountain. Read on to get information and details on what to do to preserve the poignant memorial structure in winter and still get to admire the beauty it gives. To get the most out of your fountain, you should meticulously take the steps to perfectly prepare it for the winter season. Gladly, you can winterize outdoor fountains where it stands by following some simple steps.

Turn Off And Drain

First, you should unplug the fountain. It is important to stop it from working to avoid the water flowing while you are doing something in it. Then, drain all the water from the fountain. Unplug your fountain and be sure to protect the pump cord upon removing and after it has been removed.

Protect The Pump

The pump is the essence of the fountain's power. Temporarily detach the pump out from the fountain. It's also needed to store and do the necessary protection to your pump because it can also be damaged by the freezing temperature. Wipe away the debris from the pump with a dry and soft cloth on the inside and outside.


After the fountain is empty of the water, brush all the algae and rinse out all of it. Try using a well-designed brush such as the the Konex Heavy-Duty Scrub Brush made up of the appropriate materials to clean any kinds of surfaces. Its curved nylon fiber bristles greatly work on concrete water fountain walls. It can scrub off mildew, grime, and scum. The peanut shape can definitely make you feel comfortable in handling it. Its curving-outward shape can thoroughly clean edges and corners. 

A chemical solution can help you with scrubbing the such as a mixture of water and distilled white vinegar and baking soda. Pour a thin mixture onto the surface and leave for several minutes. Be sure to remove any build-ups as it will also freeze together with water. To guarantee that your solution affects positively onto the surface, test it first on a small spot on your concrete water fountain walls. Do not use abrasive cleaning supplies as it will break the surface of your fountain walls.


Clean And Dry

Clean all the walls thoroughly,  and let fountain dry out. You can leave it for several days. Make sure that it is thoroughly dried to absorb the excess water that may penetrate.

Lay Towels Or Fabrics

Once your fountain is dry, lay dry towels or burlap sacks on the bottom of the bowl. You may use soft cotton fabrics, burlap, or anything that is able to absorb water and moisture. The purpose of these laid fabrics or cloths is to lock up the accumulated freeze inside the bowl and prevent it from forming moisture onto the surface.


Put A Cover On Your Fountain

There is a proper cover that is made to appropriately winterize the outdoor fountain. Basically, it is a cone-shaped cover made from durable and specialized tarpaulin material. Most fountains are cascading in shape and peak slenderly to the top. The cone-shaped tarp cover is designed to cover the usual shapes of concrete water fountains.

The Henri Studios Fountain Cover is the most suitable cover that gives the best protection to secure your outdoor water fountain. It comes in 5 different sizes medium, large, extra-large, and super large. This tarpaulin cover has waterproof characteristics and is UV stabilized. It is safe under the sun for 4 long months and can stand the coldest weather of the year and stronger winds. It includes a bottom-tie nylon drawstring that you can adjust and snug to completely secure for a tight fit. 


It's not easy to see your beautiful outdoor water fountain being covered on dreamy winter days, but it is the proper thing to do. To winterize your outdoor fountain is to protect and take care of it.

Follow along as Garden Answer show you the proper steps to winterizing a fountain!

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