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March 1, 2023

7 Considerations In Choosing a Pond Fountain

A pond fountain is the best way to add tranquillity and beauty to your lake or pond. Having fountains will increase the oxygen level in the pond while reducing algae blooms. The process of generating fresh oxygen is called aeration. It is necessary to maintain good bacteria to deal with water waste.

As such, it makes the pond pleasant to hang around. However, knowing the right oxygen level is important to find out. Whether you are looking for large pond fountains or a pond fountain with lights, choosing the right fountain for your needs seems confusing. This post helps you get the necessary information so that you can make the right decision when buying a pond fountain.

Things to consider when choosing the best pond fountain

To get started, you should know the purpose the fountain will serve for your pond. Do you want them for aesthetics, or do you need them for aerating the water, or a mix of both? Following are some of the important factors to consider when choosing the right fountain for your pond.

1. Fuel source for floating pond fountains

A floating electric fountain is a great addition to your pond. Such fountains utilize the power that can range anywhere between 120 and 460 Volts. In general, the small fountains operate by using a 120 V electric supply.

Whereas the bigger fountains use more power that can range between 230 and 460 V. However, there is another option, a solar pond fountain. Only a few manufacturers offer fountains powered by solar energy.

The best part is that they are easy to maintain and provide great sustainability. A solar powered pond fountain is controlled by the control panel located near the pond.

2. Floating fountains spray pattern

Having an appropriate spray pattern in the fountain is another important factor to consider. Aerating spray pattern fountains will give water in high volume. They have an inverted cone shape and come without a nozzle.

A decorative spray pattern comes with a nozzle. They have small openings and holes to create the pattern. Because the water is restricted, you can get a wider or taller spray pattern.

However, the decorative spray has small openings and can clog easily. So, it might not be a good idea to install them on a pond that has a lot of debris.

3. Motor for pond fountains

A bit different from the traditional motors commonly used in pond fountains, oil-cooled motors are becoming popular these days. The motor is submerged in an oil bath to deliver smooth running and cool performance.

Most fountains readily available come with a pump motor used in wells to cool the same while it runs. Although these motors run effectively in clean locations, they might be problematic in places with sediments and debris.

These elements can clog the intake of water on the motor. As a result, the motor will become useless in no time.

4. Horsepower for a floating pond fountain

Knowing the depth of your pond is important and it is another crucial factor you need to consider. The depth of the pond helps determine the kind of operating equipment your pond needs.

When you have the correct dimensions, shape, and depth of your pond, it allows you to choose the right horsepower for the fountain. It means that the right amount of horsepower will determine the height and diameter of the fountain.

Suppose, if you bought a horsepower much higher than the dimension of the pond, it will spritz outside the pond. Hence, choose the horsepower wisely.

5. Pump options for pond fountains

Floating Pond Fountains not only will create captivating displays of water, but the motion of the fountains can help aerate and reduce algae growth. With an energy saving asynchronous pump pushing through decorative nozzles you'll get to enjoy low-maintenance beauty that adds serenity while moving water.

A Pond Aerator is an elegant and powerful alternative to a floating fountain. Unlike boat propellers, there is no risk of water entering the motor which makes them safer for fish and aquatic life. This also means that their spray patterns are not adjustable due to minimal moving parts in comparison with fountains - but this efficiency allows it to transport large amounts of oxygen-enriched water per hour! In order to provide optimum oxygenation, these devices must move large quantities of water in the pond or lake. This process called destratification can help keep aquatic life healthy as well by ensuring that all areas within the body of water receive fresh air circulation regularly throughout its depth levels.

Decorative fountain size chart

Choosing the right size pump for the pump is important. Having the perfect pond fountain gives you the maximum aeration possible for the unit. Also, the spray pattern will be accurate for the pond.

Horsepower for the fountain and pond size

1.5 to 3 HP for 2 acres

1 to 1.5 HP 1 for 1 acre

3/4 to 1 HP for 3/4 acre

1/2 to 3/4 HP for 1/2 acre

1/3 to 1/2 HP for 1/4 acre

1/3 HP for 60' x 60'

6. What is the 6-foot pond depth rule?

Lakes or ponds that are 6 feet deep won't be aerated properly by normal pond fountains. When the body of water gets circulated the right way, it helps achieve proper aeration. Fountains use a pump to spray water high into the air.

It is different from a sub-surface aeration or pond aerator system. These two systems will aerate the entire pond whereas the fountain pump will pull water close to the surface. Therefore, an air diffuser, pond aerator, and fountain pump are important options when choosing to add a unit to the pond.

If you are looking for a decorative system and aeration isn't what you need, a pond fountain is a right option for you. But if you need to aerate the entire pond, the sub-surface aerators are best suited for deeper ponds.

When you have a unit like this, the air gets pumped through the diffusers that stay in the bottom of the pond. That way, the air bubbles will rise throughout the pond while keeping it oxygenated.

7. Consider the shape of your pond

While ponds with regular shapes can easily be oxygenated using a single fountain, if your pond has unique features such as oblong curves or coves then more advanced aeration measures may have to be taken. Specifically, multiple fountains and/or an additional sub-surface system could prove necessary in fully circulating the water to provide healthy levels of dissolved oxygen throughout the entire body of water.

While too much air could be excessive, lacking enough can lead to unwelcome algae blooms and other issues that rob you of an ideal underwater environment—we recommend investing in bigger equipment if there's any doubt about needing more oxygenated water!

Products to consider buying for your pond or lake

The Kasco aerating floating pond fountain comes with LED composite lighting kit that delivers superb aerating performance. The fountain has a beautiful V-shaped pattern display for up to 5.5 feet in height. It is available in both 240 and 120-volt single-phase packages. It has an easy-to-operate control panel as well.

The Alpine Corporation Cyclone pump is a submersible, energy-efficient, and cost-saving addition to your fountain. This high-quality pump comes with a ceramic shaft that is oil-free, epoxy-protected, and magnetic-drive which makes it perform well for many years. It pumps 4000 gallons of water per hour. This pump works wonders for ponds up to thirty-three feet wide with ease.

Designed to aerate and decorate large bodies of water. Easy to install, this powerful and compact ¼ HP fountain with low-profile float design remains balanced for easy upright positioning in water.


When it comes to buying pond fountains, the process doesn't have to be confusing or tricky. Opting for a fountain for decorative purposes or a pond aerator will help you get the right supplies that you need for the installation.

Because of icy conditions, it is wise to remove pond fountains during the winter months so that they don't damage themselves. With the right fountain, you can keep your backyard pond or lake appealing and healthy.

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