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Our Preferred Fountain Accessories

Fountain accessories can help you keep your fountain looking its best, while also making it easier to maintain. 

Updated: December 20, 2023

Fountain AutoFill System

Outdoor fountain autofill systems help ensure that your fountain always has enough water.

Fountain AutoFill System
Algaecide for fountains helps keep the water clean and clear.
Fountain Lights
Fountain lights add a beautiful nighttime glow and creates a dramatic effect.
Fountain Lights
Fountain Covers
Fountain covers help protect your fountain from the elements when not in use.
Fountain Covers

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Frequently Asked Questions
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What are the parts of a fountain?

A fountain can be a beautiful addition to any home, with a touch of elegance and serenity. But before you can enjoy the calming effects of your new fountain, it's important to understand the different parts and how they work together. The base of the fountain needs to be sturdy and level, so it's important to choose a material that is both durable and weather-resistant. The pump is the heart of the fountain, circulating water from the basin up to the top through water pipes (normally plastic tubes). Fountain heads are attached to the pump, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to create different effects.

Do I need a pump for a water feature?

Fountain pumps are one of the most important fountain accessories for any indoor or outdoor fountain as they help to circulate the water, providing both function and beauty. In addition to a pump, you might also need some tubing and fittings to connect the pump to your fountain. Fountain pumps can run on electricity or solar/battery power. When choosing a fountain pump, it's important to consider the size of the water feature and the desired flow rate.

While a pump is not required for all water features such as a birdbath, it can be a helpful addition. Pumps help to circulate water and keep the water flowing in fountains or ponds, keeping the water clean and free of stagnation. Pumps can also be used to create special effects, such as a waterfall or bubbling streams as well as a relaxing sound.

How do I hide my fountain pump?

To maintain the aesthetic appeal of your garden, you may consider hiding your pump with accessories. One popular method is to build a false bottom for your fountain using river rocks or other decorative stones. This will not only hide the pump from view but also help to aerate the water and keep it clean. Another option is to encase the pump in a decorative container such as a wooden barrel or planter box. This could provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance but also offer some protection from the elements.

How do you hide the cords on an outdoor fountain?

There are a few easy ways to hide the cords and keep your garden looking neat and tidy. One of the more popular accessories to use is cord covers. These can be found at most home improvement stores and come in a variety of styles and colors. Another option is to bury the cords underground. This is a bit more work, but it will completely conceal the cords. The best way is to run the cords through a PVC pipe. You can bury the pipe in the ground, and then run the cords through it before connecting them to the fountain. This will keep everything neat and tidy, and it will also help to protect the cords from weather damage.

You can also use planters or other decorative items to disguise the cords. Whatever method you choose, hiding the cords on your outdoor fountain is a simple way to improve the look of your yard.

Should you keep a fountain running all the time?

Water conservation is important, and one way to reduce your water usage is by investing in a water fountain timer. You may not want to have your fountain running continuously and a simple timer switch can enable you to run the fountain at the times of day you choose.

However, it's good to run the pump daily to filter the water and reduce mold buildup and mosquito issues.

How do you store water in a fountain?

A good reliable pump will circulate the water, keeping it clean and aerated. It will also have a reservoir to hold the water, and a filter to remove any impurities.

If you live in an area with hard water, you may need to add a vinegar-water solution to the fountain on a weekly basis to prevent mineral buildup.

Place fountain cleaner/ algaecides into the water for water clarity. 

How can I protect my outdoor fountain?

Your fountain will need to be placed in an area that is concrete or a solid foundation. If the foundation is not even then your outdoor fountain will lean and cause cracks.

If you are in a colder climate you will need to secure your fountain by winterizing your fountain and using one of the most necessary fountain accessories, an outdoor fountain cover.

How do I stop my fountain water from leaking?

If your water fountain is leaking, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the issue. First, check to see if the leak is coming from the pump or the basin. If it's coming from the pump, try tightening the hose connections. If that doesn't work, you may need to replace the pump.

If the leak is coming from the basin, make sure that all of the seals are intact and that there are no cracks or holes. You may need to apply a sealant to fix any leaks. Finally, be sure to regularly clean your water fountain to prevent build-up and clogs that can cause leaks.

The sealing material is meant to keep your fountain watertight, filling any cracks or holes. You can either apply sealants throughout a fountain area or simply use a sealant for leaks around that area. If the cracks are deeper the solution can be hard to apply than merely spraying them with sealant. 

Another possible cause of a leaky water fountain is a clogged pump. If the pump is not getting enough water, it can overheat and start to leak. To clean a clogged pump, simply remove it from the fountain and use a brush to remove any debris. Once the pump is clean, put it back in the fountain and fill it with fresh water. If your water fountain still leaks after you have checked the pump, it may be time to replace the entire unit.

Make sure the bowl and base are properly aligned. If they are misaligned, it could cause the water to leak out.

How do I decorate my water fountain with fountain accessories?

As anyone who's visited a garden or public plaza knows, water fountains can be both beautiful and relaxing. To decorate your fountain use garden accessories such as flowers and plants. Creepers and vines add a touch of green, while colorful flowers can brighten up the area. Alternatively, you could use stones or gravel to create a more natural look.

Adding a few lanterns or candles can also create a lovely ambiance in the evening.

Fountain lights can be used to create a soothing or dramatic effect, depending on your preference. Adding LED lights to put inside your outdoor fountain is one of our favorite fountain accessories. However you choose to decorate, your water fountain is sure to be a peaceful oasis in your garden.

How can I make my water feature sound better with fountain accessories?

Fountain accessories can help your concrete fountain sound better when the water flows down in your garden. Fountain accessories can include a submersible pump, fountain lights, a pipe extension, and more. A submersible pump will create a more powerful flow of water and can be adjusted to create different levels of sound.

A pipe extension can be used to direct the flow of water downward, creating a waterfall effect. By using these fountain accessories, you can customize your concrete fountain to create the perfect sound for your garden.

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