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Design Toscano Sacred Space Pagoda Illuminated Garden Outdoor Fountain QN1509

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Design Toscano Sacred Space Pagoda Illuminated Garden Outdoor Fountain QN1509

Create a zen garden focal point with this Asian inspired pagoda fountain!
Perfect for a quiet corner or a zen garden, our Scared Space Pagoda illuminated garden fountain will become the centerpiece to any Asian-style contemplative garden or put the finishing touch on a peaceful corner. Add a touch of Eastern grace as water bubbles up and gently spills over, creating the soothing sound of water music and a peaceful meditative atmosphere. With the center basin pool highlighted by the included LED lights you can even enjoy this garden fountain in the evening. Cast in quality designer resin and hand-finished to replicate natural stone, our Japanese-style garden fountain also features an integrated, UL-listed indoor/outdoor pump that constantly recycles water from a hidden reservoir and a cluster of low-voltage LED lights for dramatic effect. Another creative sculptural fountain and investment in garden art from Design Toscano!
Simple assembly required.

Product Details

  • 17½"Wx17½"Dx35½"H. 37 lbs.
Winter Care of Design Toscano Fountains:

Many customers ask if our products stand up to long winters, extremely inclement weather, and freezing temperatures. The answer is yes, but only with proper care. While we expect the works of art we sell to be of the best quality, Mother Nature can be quite tough on these pieces. Extreme and rapid changes in temperature and humidity may affect your statues adversely. Resin and cast stone have an inherent tendency to expand and contract with climactic conditions. The ideal solution is to store your fountain away from direct exposure to the winter elements, for example, a basement, garage or gardener's shed would be perfect. The following recommendations are offered to help ensure that your purchases give you years of enjoyment:
  1. Drain the bowl(s) or shell(s) thoroughly.
  2. Remove the statue and pump, storing them inside if possible.
  3. Fill the bowl(s) or shell(s) with an absorbent material such as towels, blankets, etc.
  4. Cover the entire fountain with a fountain cover or heavy-duty plastic sheeting and secure tightly. Should condensation droplets form on the inside of the cover, the material will absorb them.
  5. Small Fountain bowls may be inverted so that water will not pool inside.
  6. Remove the drain plug if your fountain has one.
  7. Do not use antifreeze in fountains.
  8. Do not allow fountains to sit in freezing and thawing water.
  9. We strongly suggest that all portable fountains be moved indoors in inclement weather and freezing temperatures.
Please remember, while resin and cast stone are strong and durable, nature can be stronger. A little maintenance and care will keep your investment beautiful for years to come.

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